Innocent Memory (2012)

Director : Nguyen Thi Nam Phuong
Producer : Nanyang Technological University
Poem recited by : Đặng Phi Yến
Sound Design : Lieu Kong Meng.

Poem translated by : Le Thuy Nguyen
Length : 03:54

“War and childhood. Sadness and hope. Memory and lullaby. Seem to be a lot but enough in three minutes nineteen seconds. It is a film and a painting, poetry and music, Nguyen Thi Nam Phuong’s Innocent Memory is completely not innocent, very haunting, somehow reminiscent of Father and Daughter by Michaël Dudok de Wit. Or is there any chance innocence is the lens, is the palm tree, and the poetry brings dimensional obsessions to Nam Phuong’s story?” –



The film is to show the contrast between happiness and sadness, beauty and darkness, all accompanied with my mom’s lullaby. In it are the hopes and dreams she had for my present and future. It is a retrospective from my point of view, where the relationship between the two different generations was portrayed with metaphoric and symbolic images.

Carved from my mom’s poetry lullaby, the film is created from a strong feeling deep inside me; the visual images and motion might not be used just to portray my feeling but indeed to make the audience to feel it as well. Through the film, I’m concentrating on finding ways to bring up other’s experiences.



The film is my personal sentimental reflection/ emotional aspect to rebuild my childhood memories along the lines of my mother’s lullaby. It is an attempt to make connections between the hope and love from my mother in contrasts with sadness reality - the war, recollection from my father’s life story, and its reality contrasted with the present situation.

The film is also about the relationship between the two different generations – my parents and me. My father witnessed the horrors and sadness of the war, my mother tried to protect her child, and fill its memories with beauty and happiness; unbound, I can look back and forward with the strong emotion and feeling and want to express it through the visual development and animation.

Festival official selection and Screening
 • Original Narrative - Student Short Film Festival |American University in Dubai | 2015 | Official Selection - Competition in Animation Category

• Shorts Mexico, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de México | 2015 | Official Selection, International Animation Competition - Program 2.

• International Audiovisual Festival (FIAFest Colombia) | University of La Sabana, Colombia | 2015 | Official Selection- Competitive section in Best Animation Short Film

• Taglia Corti - International short movie and music video Festival | Italy | 2015 | Official Selection in Animation section.

• Montreal International Animation Film Festival MIAFF  - ANIMAZE | 2015 | Screening - Filmmakers’ Lounge Program

• International Hall of the Light (Salón Internacional de la Luz) | Bogotá - Colombia | 2015 | Official Selection -Film and Audiovisual Schools

• Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest  | Italy | 2015 | Official Selection - Best Animation Short Film

• IndiEarth Animation Film Festival | Chennai, India | 2015 | Official Selection and Screening - Non-competitive

• UK Film Week , British Council | Hanoi-HCM | 2014 | Screening

• Short Piece TV Festival Press vitez/Press Knight in Serbia | Serbia | 2014 | Non-competitive - International Fiction Category Screening and Non-material Student Award

• First Take| Singapore, The Substation  | September 2013 | Screening

• KAFF 2013 – 11th Kecskemet Animation Film Festival | Hungary | 2013 | Panorama Programmes / Asian Animation-Singapore

• VIFF – Vietnamese International Film Festival | USA, Irvine  | 2013 | Screening

• Singapore Short Film Award 2013 | Singapore, The Substation | 2013 | Screening

• Future Shorts Autumn Film | Vietnam, HCMC | 2012 | Screening

• Yxine Film Fest | Vietnam | 2012 | Official selection in Local Competition

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